We welcome applications to be assessed now (February 2023) for grant awards in MARCH 2023.

Before starting any grant application please ensure that you:

︎︎︎ Are aware of any submission deadlines (these will be listed on the relevant page)

︎︎︎ Have looked through associated guidance documents outlining what information is required to apply.

︎︎︎ Have considered the project you would like to put forward for the application and associated costs.


We have an online application process.
Please read ALL sections before completing the Application Form. The Application Form must be submitted electronically (no paper copies or additional material to be sent).


The information you provide to us in the application form and throughout the application process will help in coming to a decision about your grant application. This will also help us understand how we can best support you with grants and advice. Please complete the form as fully as possible.

All questions marked with an asterix (*) on the application form  are mandatory.

Your application must meet our criteria. If you are applying for any grant level you will be required to complete the information below.

To apply you will need to provide:

︎︎︎ General information.

︎︎︎ Have a portfolio deck, presentation or alternative document in the form of a PDF that best showcases your work over the last 18 months.

︎︎︎ Have considered 250 words to tell us about yourself, your work and your vision.

︎︎︎ Have plans for the grant and can provide one of the following:
  • Written 300 - 500 words in total (PDF), bullet points preferred.
  • Video or Voice Note 2-3 mins max.
  • Visual Deck (PDF, GoogleDoc, WeTransfer or Website).

︎︎︎ You must include the following information:
  • Why are you applying for a grant?
  • Video or Voice Note 2-3 mins max.
  • How will this benefit you?
  • Why is it important to you?
  • What difference do you think the grant would make to you?

︎︎︎ Diversity Monitoring Information

If you are applying for a Gold or Platinum grant, you must be a UK registered business. You will be required to submit the information above, plus the following:

︎︎︎ UK registered company name and number.

︎︎︎ What is the focus area for your business or project? (250 words)

︎︎︎ Tell us about your team, if you have one. How many founders do you have and what are their backgrounds? Why are you going to succeed?

︎︎︎ What are the main challenges or barriers you have experienced in your creative /business journey to date? (250 words)

︎︎︎ What are your creative / business goals for 2023/2024? (250 words)

︎︎︎ A business plan - upload a PDF, GoogleDoc, WeTransfer or website that clearly presents your business, its purpose, goals, USP, and growth potential.

︎︎︎ How will a METALLIC FUND grant help you progress further? How will the grant be used?


Grants are made for a specific project. They are not awarded for recurring expenses such as mortgage, rent, phone or fuel bills, educational fees, legal costs, or medical treatment, or to pay off creditors.

Individual or companies.

The individual or company must be based and embedded in the UK with direct links to music, fashion and film.

For Gold and Platinum grants - you must be a UK registered company.


Applications are assessed and grant awards are made in March 2023. All decisions will be communicated by email in March 2023.

Please note, as an alternative to rejecting an application, Board Members may decide to offer a grant award less than the requested amount.

Board Members do not enter into any communication over reasons why an application is rejected, nor is there an appeals process.


If your application is successful, you will be sent an offer letter by email and this will include the terms and conditions for your acceptance.

If further information becomes available after submission of your application but prior to the Board Members making a decision e.g., receiving the result of an outstanding funding application or needing to change details on this application,

you will need to inform us.

We may need to contact you for further information on your grant request.


The successful applicant should attend a development workshop (2 hours), provide a summary showing how the grant has been used, and complete a Monitoring and Evaluation Report towards the end of the 12-month period after the grant is awarded.


METALLIC FUND is appealing to brands, corporations, and the artists to support the METALLIC FUND through a financial contribution, resources and/or mentorship capacity.

Metallic Inc.
25 Woodseer St.
E1 5HA


Metallic Inc.
25 Woodseer St.
E1 5HA


We welcome applications to be assessed now (February 2023) for grant awards in MARCH 2023.